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Extra Information

The Recommended System Requirements are as Follows:
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Intel Celeron 500MHz
  • 25MB RAM
  • GeoForce 256
  • 16MB Video Memory
  • Approx. 10MB for Single Player Version, 8MB for Online Version
  • Min.640x480 Screen Resolution
EXT - Exterminate - Kill all enemies
KT - Kill Target - Kill a certain target, shown in the briefing screen and return to start point
ESC - Escape - Use stealth to escape the building
DEF - Defend - Defend a certain target, shown at the briefing screen and make it to the end of the level.
Training - Training - Pretty self explanatory. Just test out the weapons.
CAP - Capture - Capture a Briefcase and return to starting point
RE - Release - Release a hostage, shown at the briefing screen and return them to start poimt.
DE - Destroy - Destroy target and return to start point


When playing you may notice that the characters are wearing various different clothes, including business suits, casual clothes and military fatigues. Theses different clothes affect the game play directly, altering the initial HP (Health Points) of your character. These Changes include:
Helmet    + 5 - 10% health
Body Armor + 10% health


W Forward
A Left
S Backwards
D Right
R Reload
1 - 2 Select Weapon
Mouse Look
Space Jump
Z Switch Weapon
TAB Walk
X Switch Fire Mode
Left Mouse Fire Weapon
Shift Toggle Scope

F1 Toggle 3rd/1st Person Perspective
F2 in both versions of the game switches the modes of displaying information on the screen (crosshair only / crosshair and the name of the selected weapon / full information)
F5-F8 in multiplayer you can program any console command to any of these buttons (alter messages in cmd.txt in the game folder)
F11 in multiplayer opens console (the list of all supported commands is available in the MANUAL for the game)
F12 restarts current singleplayer mission, in multiplayer shows the list of all players (number of kills and deaths, ping and team colour)
Home Show Hands
F5 + Enter press and hold to fly upwards and release to fall down, you can shoot and move in the air
F6 + Enter add a full magazine
F7 + R/L Direction change your weapon to any other weapon available in the game
F8 + R/L Direction change to any other character in the mission (your mission objective changes aswell)


Online Commands
Press F11 to open the prompt.
say : Message to all the players
tsay : (Client only) Message to specific players (your team, hence tsay = team say)
wish red : (Client only) Hope for being on RED team in the next game
wish blue : (Client only) Hope for being on BLUE team in the next game
retry : (Client only) Try to reconnect to the current server
auto : (Server only) Toggle the automatic game start
kick : (Server only) Kick out the player 
ban : (Server only) Kick and ban the player
unban : (Server only) Cancel all bans
help : Show all the commands

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