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EXTRA AMMO by Dylan Mather
Certain weapons, such as the FAMAS, have rather small clips, and it can become annoying to reload all the time. To fix this, start  a mission and use the F7 + < Arrow/> Arrow "MagicKey" combination to select the M249 SAW. Now use the F6 + Enter "MagicKey" combination to add magazines until the reserve ammo reads "200" now reload the weapon so that it has a full clip loaded. By now you should be holding the M249 and have the following ammo " 100 | 200". Now use the F7 + < Arrow/> Arrow "MagicKey" combination to select the desired weapon. You now have a (Put weapon here)  with 100 bullet magazine and 200 bullets reserve! This is particularly effective if used in conjunction with the Benelli M1 shotgun, or the PSG-1 Sniper, if you have found a good spot. Happy Hunting!

Posted August 15, 2006

MISC. TIPS by pcwizdan, [USMC] SuiXidal, MattStriker, & KrazyKain
1. Always strafe when going around a corner
2. Always keep moving, in xops there is no warning for an enemy walking up to you.
3. Run in squads if you want but be warned that a bullet in xops will go through your ally and keep going ( I think), the point is to not be so close, spread out to confuse the simple minded enemy, it will give you and your squad much more of a range of view if you spread out.

[USMC] SuiXidal:
Use short bursts instead of simply unloading. This tactic is especially useful with the MP5SD..using this technique can make the MP5SD an effective "sniper", especially if you aim high. Two or three shots will kill the enemy, most of the time before they can react. Doubly efficient if the enemy is standing still or turning. Use one shot at a time with the AUG when "sniping", otherwise, as long as you keep the recoil under control, it is often more effective to simply unload on an enemy.

NEVER reload while turning corners. You stand no chance against an enemy who may be around the corner. If you must reload, reload while still on your side of the corner, and then the enemy might not initially see you, giving you time to finish reloading...

Try not to walk out in the open. When possible, stick to the walls or other objects (such as crates, etc.) that may be in a particular map.

When you see an enemy who didn't see you, maybe wait a little to shoot can be a good idea. Better think of it, because it's an opportunity to be sure about your shot. If the enemy is far, DOUBLE attention! See where he is going an calculate your shot.
Of course that you can't take too much time when doing this, cause that way YOU are going to be fragged!

Krazy Kain:
know your weapons
different weapons require different tactics, don't assault with a PSG-1, don't snipe with a shotgun.
know the power of your gun, some guns take 2 headshots to kill, not just one.
Also I suggest using the second gun sight as it is much easier to aim with them first, especially for headshots and distance shots (PSG-1 & AUG only)

Posted February 6, 2007

MAGIC KEYS (CHEATS) by Dylan Mather

F5 + Enter press and hold to fly upwards and release to fall down, you can shoot and move in the air
F6 + Enter add a full magazine
F7 + R/L Direction change your weapon to any other weapon available in the game
F8 + R/L Direction change to any other character in the mission (your mission objective changes aswell)

If you're having a hard time beating single player missions, or just want to mess around, test maps etc... Then the magic keys can be a very useful resource. They allow you to do things such as pick any weapon you like, useful for testing out new weapon models without having to actually go and find the weapon in a map. They allow you to add ammunition to your cache without having to find a new gun, useful if weapons are scarce. They also allow you to fly and change your character to someone else in the map, a useful feature for testing maps, and getting screenshots.

Posted June 22, 2007


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