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Japanese Weapon Downloads

I came across all these on a Japanese X Ops  but I don't have time to figure out what the weapons are (Some of the translations from Japanese to English are outright bizarre > "Straw"  ) so I decided to make a separate page for you to download them from. The Below mentioned weapon models were not made by me, but by the previously stated Japanese X Ops site developers.


Ithaca M37 Sawed Off shotgun MKII A1 Grenade NSW-AR "Minx"
N/A Download Download N/A Download
Pepperbox Pistol RGD33 Potato Masher Hand Grenade M79 Grenade Launcher
Download Download Download
TT1933 Straw Type 38 Infantry Rifle
N/A Download N/A Download Download
Baseball Grenade M60 Belt Fed SAW Ostrich
Download Download N/A Download
G3A3 Assault Rifle G3A3 SG-1 Assault Rifle M60E4 Belt Fed SAW
Download Download N/A Download
M242 Bushmaster Chaingun

*If you have any trouble downloading the files just clicking on the link, try right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" and it should work

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