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*.x Model Editing: Ins, Outs, Ups and Downs

Paril [Q2C]


This guide will show you how to edit DirectX models the easy way, for X Operations. The editing WILL work for other games that use .x, but I'm showing the scaling as X Operations scaling needs.

The Tools

You need a few tools before you can do this.

1: Milkshape 3D. You can get this from (http://chumbalum.swissquake.ch). Install it, it's the main tool. If you want a registration code for full version, ask me in private.

2: Imagination! If you're making models from scratch, or even using other models, you need this. Loads of imagination will help you further create your model, and if you're making a futuristic mod for example, it can help you.

3. X Operations. Obviously, you'll need this.

Loading a Model

Okay, fire up Milkshape 3D. The interface isn't very complicated, and we don't need to do much to model or make a new model.

In this small tutorial, I'll show you how to make the hands of holding machineguns only use one hand (the right hand), while the left hand is idly down. Terminator-style!

Let's open the pistol hands. I'm using Milkshape 1.7.0 due to some reasons, so it might be a tiny tiny bit different. We need to use the tool labeled "DirectX Mesh Tools" to open the hands.

This will open a dialog that looks like this. Click on the folder to open a .x model:

You'll see the hands in this little dialog. Okay, we're done looking, click the floppy disk with the red arrow pointing right to import it into the scene. Now that we've got it here, we have to flip the model horizontally. This is a weird problem, but atleast it's fixable. Go to the tab labeled "Groups", click on the first group that appears there and click the button that says "Select". Now, on the top-left, click on the "Vertice" menu, and select "Mirror Front <--> Back". This fixes this problem.

Now, where's the model in your Milkshape view? Very very small. Right-click on the 3D viewport, and click "Frame All". Do this for each viewport to get it in your views.

Alright, we now have our model loaded, and ready for editing!


Now, let's do some simple editing! Go back to the "Model" tab on the right, and click on Select. It's hard to select the hand alone on the high quality models, so it's easiest on the ones that came with XOPS. Select the left hand, example from this image:

Easy enough. Now, click the "Rotate" button on the right. Underneath that, click the radio button that says "User Point". Alright, now let's rotate that hand downwards. Find the point in the middle of the shoulder's connection point in the top-right 2d viewport. In the original model, it's a group of three/four vertices near the top-right corner. Click-hold on that location and drag until it's down pretty far, but not too far that it will go inside the player's model:

Now, let's select a few faces to make the left hand not aim up so much, and then rotate it downwards. The blue outlines where to rotate, and the yellow shows where the select should be (this image shows after rotate):

Woot, we're done. Let's export it! Go to File < Export < DirectX (JT):

The Save dialog opens, and save over the arm02 (back it up first, always!). Now, another dialog will open. Keep everything the way it is, but set "Position Scaling" to 0.9:

Click OK. Try it out!


It's easy to edit these DirectX models, but it just takes time. Try editing a weapon. Do the same steps, but instead of rotation, import another weapon. Put this weapon in the same position as the XOPS weapon. Afterwards, go into Groups, select the XOPS model, click Select and then click Delete. When you're done that, you'll be with your very small weapon. Export it as usual, with 0.9 scaling, and have fun!

If you need any other information, just post or email me. If I'm missing anything, just tell me and I'll add it in. I'll post another image tutorial on weapons and maybe a video tutorial on how to do this.


*Note: References to Posting are talking about the forum, http://xoperations.gaminggalaxy.net