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Steve "the taxman"


I rarely if ever see the random path option used in point layouts for character movements. Also I rarely see walk/run changes. Or random weapon selections. That is, in non Japanese layouts. The conclusion is, as usual, the explanation of point movements becomes unclear in the translation to English. Although I am not bilingual, I have observed the following.

In brief, when a character reachs a point (label 4 - F/V), it then reads its next destination (label 3 - D/C). It reads all the information at that destination before it’s next action. It finds the destination, which is label 4 of that point, and then reads, in order, label 1, 2, 3 of that point. Then the confusion starts.

The character takes on the designations of the next point before it begins moving to it. This is contrary to practical thinking, as in, “You cannot read a sign until you get up close to it.”. However, a computer character has bionic vision, and can see as far as necessary.

Make the next point a run point, and the character runs to it, not from it. The most bizarre example of this is the random path option. Make the next point a random path and the character does not even go to it. Instead, it choses either label 2 or label 3, of that point, and goes there.

Finally, here is a 3 point random setup. {(3,0,4,1)(3,0,5,2)(3,0,6,3)} - three walk points with references to random points {(8,2,3,4)(8,3,1,5)(8,1,2,6)}. The character will walk randomly between points 1,2,3 and never go near points 4,5,6.

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