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By Smirnov Pavel


I have translated map.html through Google Language Tools and on the basis of the translation prepared this guide to the Block Editor.

Use Block Editor v3.3 to create new maps for X Operations 0.96.

A block is the basic element of a map. Each block has 8 corners and 6 sides. A map can contain up to 160 blocks. The less blocks you use, the faster the game will run. Press F2 to see how many blocks you have used so far. Add blocks, combine them and change their shape to build a map.

General notes on the interface of the Block Editor:

The editor has 4 views of the map. 2D views: top (upper left), front (lower left), side (lower right), each of these views can be switched on /off. 3D view is the upper right one.

A purple cross marks camera position in 2D views. A green cross marks the center of the map in 2D views.

Note: any character that is lower than the center of the map will die in the game.

Numpad + and Numpad - zoom in and out the 2D views. Magnification and coordinates of the cursor for 2D views are displayed over the 3D view. Press Numpad 4 6 8 5 to move the map inside one of the 2D views.

Enable Grid lock to lock resize and move operations to grid lines.

All operations except texturing are made in 2D views!

Block Editor functions:

New block - create a new block covered with the texture that is set as current. Place the mouse cursor to the desired position on the map and click left mouse button to place the block.

Select vertex - select a corner, an edge or a side of a block or a whole block. Press the left mouse button and draw a selection rectangle over the desired elements, press the left mouse button again to complete the selection. Hold Shift while performing this operation to select more elements in addition to the already selected elements.

After selection was made you can press right mouse button to enter move vertex mode. If you have selected not all parts of a block, press F4 to automatically select the whole block. If you have occasionally selected some elements of another block together with the desired block, press Tab to leave the selection only on the elements of the desired block. Press F7 / F8 to rotate the selected side or edge of a block or to rotate the whole block.

Move vertex - move the selected corner, edge or side of a block or a whole block by clicking on it with the left mouse button and dragging it. While in move vertex mode, you can press right mouse button to enter select vertex mode.

Select one side of a block and move it to stretch the block. Select one edge or one corner of a block and move it to change the shape of the block. A block of incorrect shape will be displayed in yellow or orange colour in 2D views, fix this by simplifying the shape of the block. Examples of correct and incorrect forms can be seen on the pictures, that are situated in the folder with the editor documentation.

Delete block - remove a block. Select a whole block in the select vertex mode first.

View - change view point. Place the mouse cursor to the 3D or 2D view, hold right mouse button and move the mouse to move around the map and to zoom in/out, hold left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the camera.

Load - load map description from a .bd1 file (block data version 1).

Save - save map description to a .bd1 file.

Load texture - set a list of up to 10 textures, that can be used on a map. Input names of files that contain textures.

Textures must be situated in the same directory with the .bd1 file. Prefer textures of not more than 128х128 pixels with not more than 256 colours (bigger sizes and more colours are possible, but not recommended), that are stored in .bmp, .dds, .tga, .png or .jpg files.

Texturing operations are performed in the 3D view. Press X / Z to select a texture from the list, press Enter to apply the texture to the selected side of a block. To select a block, press arrow Up / Down (selected block is marked with a green frame). To select a side of a block, press arrow Right / Left (selected side is marked with a purple cross). Select vertex mode is not applicable for these operations. If you select a block in the select vertex mode, press F5 to automatically select it in the 3D view.

Paste - make a copy of a block. To copy a block, select it and press F1. Now press Paste to copy it and move it to another place, as the copy of the block appears on the same place as the original block.

Undo - cancel the previous operation.


1) create a folder for the new map
2) prepare textures and place them to the created folder

3) run the Block Editor
4) press Save to create .bd1 file in the created folder (don't forget to add the file extention)
5) press Load textures and enter file names of the textures, press Ok

6) select a texture and create a new block
7) you can manage the block: move, stretch, curve, texture it
8) create and manage more blocks at your discretion

9) when finished, press Save

I can't yet figure out the functions of the keys F6, F3 (something about the zoom function) and F9 (a dialogue for setting strange coordinates).

Copyright Smirnov Pavel